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  • Single Parent Struggles

    Make sure you are that person by both your emotional and physical presence. As your children get older, you may not need to be physically present as often as you have in the past if you, and your family and friends are keeping in touch by the phone and text.

  • Holiday Struggles for Divorced Mom

    The flexibility you show now, will make a difference as you continue to navigate special events in the future. Your kids will not feel caught in the middle between you and their dad, they will feel loved and supported and thankful that you remain present.

  • Single Dad Missing Teens

    Remember, you can handle this stage as you have handled the past when you keep your focus on your relationship with each of your children.

  • Helping Son Learn How to Learn

    Helping my son learn is a family affair, we all have to continue learning.

  • Teens Texting Habits

    You might want to give their parents a heads up at one of the games so they won’t be surprised and won’t worry if the phones are on silent and put away in back packs when they are riding with you.

  • Should 11 Year Olds go to Concerts without Supervision?

    If your daughter does not want to be chaperoned, how is she going to get there? Who is buying the ticket? All of this involves adults, and if a group of 11 and 12 year olds wants to attend, what do other parents think? You do not have to go with others’ actions if you feel differently. Having a responsible adult with a young group can serve a very important protective factor, especially if something happens either with the band, concertgoers, or at the facility where the concert is being held.

  • Distance Growing Between Teen and Mom

    Tweet Question: My daughter and I used to be close. She would share her life with me. But now that she’s a teenager, she is shutting me down, calling me nosey and can be a little mouthy. Should I be worried? Answer: What an important question! Many of us do not think about the natural Continue Reading

  • Helping Teen Develop Money Sense

    Parents can start teaching their kids money sense in their teens as a way to prepare them for being financially responsible young adults.

  • Too Much Time Away from Home

    You want both of you to feel good about the summer and each other. You might have to intervene earlier in the making of summer plans if, in your evaluation, she has taken on too much. It is easier to create a broader context of why you’ve changed your thinking and why you want to see if another schedule works better when you lay a strong foundation. I hope you both get the summer you want.

  • Stressed Out by Summer Planning

    In the stress of organizing for the summer, have fun with your children. They might pick a favorite 30 minute sitcom to watch each evening, or a book to hear or read. It could be a classic, science fiction or mystery, anything that all could enjoy. I hope you all have a summer to remember!