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  • Overscheduled Daughter?

    You asked how you could keep your daughter from totally overwhelming herself. Sometimes letting someone we love learn the hard way, from overdoing and learning their own limits is the most important thing we can do. Eventually you won’t be there to help protect her from doing too much. It is best now for you to be the safety net that can help her process learning her own limits rather than setting limits that she fights against.

  • Single Dad Missing Teens

    Remember, you can handle this stage as you have handled the past when you keep your focus on your relationship with each of your children.

  • Distance Growing Between Teen and Mom

    Tweet Question: My daughter and I used to be close. She would share her life with me. But now that she’s a teenager, she is shutting me down, calling me nosey and can be a little mouthy. Should I be worried? Answer: What an important question! Many of us do not think about the natural Continue Reading

  • Daughter Not Ready For College Yet

    Tweet Question: My daughter graduated from high school (it has been touch and go), but she does not seem ready to go to college. I don’t want her staying at home past graduation. She desperately needs to get out on her own. She didn’t have the grades for college, but expects us to support whatever Continue Reading

  • Too Much Time Away from Home

    You want both of you to feel good about the summer and each other. You might have to intervene earlier in the making of summer plans if, in your evaluation, she has taken on too much. It is easier to create a broader context of why you’ve changed your thinking and why you want to see if another schedule works better when you lay a strong foundation. I hope you both get the summer you want.

  • Stressed Out by Summer Planning

    In the stress of organizing for the summer, have fun with your children. They might pick a favorite 30 minute sitcom to watch each evening, or a book to hear or read. It could be a classic, science fiction or mystery, anything that all could enjoy. I hope you all have a summer to remember!

  • Break-up Hard for Son

    During the early stages of a teen’s break up, a parent’s most important role is to make sure the teen isn’t getting too depressed, and to listen without moving too quickly to reassure or tell your own past stories. That is harder than it sounds. Make sure you don’t make too big a deal of the break up. Your teen may be far more resilient than you know.

  • Is it Dating Abuse?

    Adults who were in abusive relationships as teens often have long lasting scars that lead to substance abuse, self mutilation, and low self-esteem.

  • Son Suffering Post Breakup

    It is time for your son to learn for himself what helps him cope with a break up. It is normal to have break-ups. The goal is to learn how to handle disappointments.

  • Student Teacher Conflict

    Parent-teacher conferences create an opportunity for you to both talk to your daughter about the problems she is having with her two teachers, as well as talk to her teachers. The more detail you get from your daughter, the better prepared you will be for the conferences. Find out what she likes and dislikes about each class.