Collaborative Divorce Coaching & Family Mediation:

Collaborative Divorce Coaching-
As a coach, I help clients navigate the difficult emotions of divorce with the goal to move through the legal divorce collaboratively. I help clients deal with feelings such as: blame, guilt, fear and anger, which are all normal feelings when a marriage ends. Those feelings can, however, be destructive if they go over to children, work, and family.

Family & Divorce Mediation-
As a family and divorce mediator, I am an impartial third party and I facilitate the resolution of family disputes by: promoting voluntary agreement; assisting communication; encouraging understanding and focusing the participants on their individual and common interests. I work with the participants to explore options, make decisions and reach their own agreements.

Therapeutic Mediation –
In Therapeutic Mediation I work with families who are having conflict, whether it is divorcing or divorced parents; guardianship’s, or elder situations. This type of mediation is designed to address the emotional issues that are preventing the parties from
resolving issues bringing them into conflict.