My approach to counseling

Over the past twenty years I have had training in Brief Solution Oriented Therapy, Narrative Therapy, I focus most on what clients want to achieve through therapy. In my experience, it is that future focus
that assists in removing any barriers from the past. As we explore a problem free future, I ask a lot of questions! I believe that change is constant. I help people identify the things that they wish to change in their life and also to attend to those things that are currently happening that they wish to continue.

Types of Counseling

  • Individual
    Some clients need a therapist as a sounding board. Some clients find themselves
    stuck doing the same thing over and over and need a fresh way to review their situation. For
    other clients, there are times where life’s transitions are overwhelming and they need a way to
    put changes in perspective and separate what they can and cannot change. Initially, weekly
    appointments are useful as a way to create momentum toward change. Once that has happened,
    then spacing appointments over two or three weeks helps solidify change while creating
    opportunities to notice the side effects of making changes.
  • Family
    We live within the context of a family-whether that be with younger children or our aging
    parents. Most people go into counseling during a time of crises. It could be a behavior problem
    occurs as school, a conflict between siblings becomes problematic, or the family quits working
    together. Family counseling can keep small problems from becoming large. Family counseling
    can restore balance to a family after a major life transition, divorce, death, or illness. Often in
    counseling we are able to honor normal life cycles and family transitions and help those go more
  • Marital
    As a trained Forever For Real ( the well research Prevention Relationship Enhancement
    Program) presenter, and having been married for thirty eight years, I enjoy helping couples
    discover new ways to communicate, handle conflict, and stay connected.Payment and costs: Counseling is $125/hour and payable at the end of the session.